Flintsteak cup 2021

beach volleyball competition


Covid information:

According to the current governmant rules anyone can participate in the competition!

Registration fee:

  • 2000 Ft/person (+ entry fee that has to be paid at the beach entrance)

Way of registration:

  • Only from the webpage, in advance and settling the registration payment in time

Participating conditions:

  • Anyone can participate who accepts and fulfill the effective government Covid rules. (see: Covid information)
  • Settles the registration fee before deadline (transfer details and deadline are sent by email feedback). Missing payment result in deleting of the registration automatically.


  • We refund the transferred money if the registration is cancelled before the deadline. (We thank you for informing us about your cancelled registration since we can remove you from the list immediately. However your registration will also be deleted if there is no payment in time.)
  • No refund if cancellation made after the registration deadline.

Minimum/Maximum number of teams:

  • Men / Women category: min. 5 teams / max. 10 teams
  • Mixed category: min. 8 teams / max. 16 teams

Cancelling event:

  • In case the minimum number of teams isn't reached. In certain cases we decide uniquely wether to cancel a category/event or not. All participants will be infomed by mail.
  • Due to bad weather conditions foreseen for the most part of the day(s) of the event we cancel the event and all participants will be informed by mail.
  • In case an event is cancelled all payments will be refunded or can be used to register to another event.

There is no event for you to register at the moment.