Flintsteak cup 2021

beach volleyball competition


Overall rules are according to actual beach volleyball rules including the following exceptions:

  1. Overhand pass is allowed only as the secound touch of three which has to be a set. It is a fault if the ball flies over the net and the opponent scores a point. The good quality of the pass is not a requirement however an unambiguous double hit should be considered as a fault.
  2. It is not allowed to pass the ball through the net with the tip of your fingers hold straight (it is different from a soft touch which is also considered a fault in beach volleball)
  3. Every kind of net touches are invalid
  4. The scores at which the teams change sides is a question of agreement of the teams choosing from the following:
    • Change at the half of the set(in a 21 points set at 11, 15 points set change at 8 points)
    • Change every 7 points or 5 points if the set goes till 15 points
    If the teams cannot agree you need to use the formal rules so change every 7 or 5 points according to the set lenght.
  5. In any questionable case we trust in your sporting behaviour and you need to accept the decision of the "referee". If nescessary a re-serve should be awarded.

Please, also take attention to the following:

  1. Always follow the ongoing matches! If you are not on time for your match to play we cannot wait for you.
  2. A minimal warm-up on the court. Hit and serve some and start the match, please.
  3. The winner team should write in the final score (Look at writing the scores in the adequate order according to the teams order how they written).
  4. The loser team will be the referee on the same court they played for the next match.
  5. If you borrow a ball take it back to its owner.
  6. Please, do not leave behind any rubbish.
  7. We reserve the right to change!
  8. Only registered teams can take apart on the event who also transferred the money in the given time.
  9. Everyone takes part on their own responsibility.