Flintsteak cup 2021

beach volleyball competition


Flintsteak cup started in 2008 with the purpose to ensure more game play fmostly for the amateur beach volleyball players. That time there weren't many opportunity to compete and some of them also had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. We liked the fact that besides playing volleyball you can also gto for a swim in the lake. Anyone could participate so there are younger and amateur players as well as pros challenging everyone. We try to manage the matches in a way that they will be played for every places giving the chance for every team to compete against the same skilled opponents. Everone should play at least 6 sets/games.

Beach volleyball became more popular each year and so the number of competitions also raised. We haven't changed our philosophy for you to have a great atmosphere spending a wonderful weekend aside the lake and to be able to play the game that you love. Where the game and having fun is a bit more important not only the final score and rankings.

During time the Hungarian Championship was reborn, 'A' and 'B' category competitions appeared with the ability to collect registered beach volleyball points. We decided not to stand in the line and remained independent and continue what we had started so our competitions are open for all.

Unfortunately the 3 courts don't allow us frequent matches although we made efforts to build another court we failed. We hope those choosing us will have an unforgettable time where you can relax between the big matches. We didn't have a limit for the registered teams for long which sometimes caused an event to finish at 9 p.m. due to the great amount of teams participating. Nowadays we limited the number of registrations to be comfortably able to end the day before the sun goes down.